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    YNT251- New Generation Cermet Turning Grade


    Added with nano composite powder material, controlled ring structure and strengthened binder phase give the material outstanding wear resistance and toughness, with longer service life and stability.

    Extra fine rich W phase even dispersion improves thermal conductivity, hot-cracking resistance and plastic deformation resistance. 

    Perfect Ta/Nb proportion combined with high N content gives excellent red-hardness.

    Covering wide range of applications from finishing to semi-finishing, with good surface quality.

    New surface treatment techniques make more stable cutting!


    Dedicated for turning and boring

    Can be widely applied in industries of machinery,mining, railway, automobile, energy, aerospace and aviation, precision instrument, etc.

    Case 1

    Blank(with crater in inner wall) Finished product

    Work piece material: S20C

    Machining style: internal hole making

    Work piece diameter: 127 MM

    Cooling condition: dry cutting

    Insert: YNT251/TNMG160404-DF

    Cutting data: Vc=320 m/min,  f=0.2 mm/r, ap=0.5 mm

    Cutting depth is 2 mm in total,completed by 4 passes. As rough is cratered in inner wall, products of Company A are prone to edge chipping with average machining capacity of 26 pieces/edge. ZCC·CT products work stably, completing 55 pieces/edge, with evidently superior performance.

    Tool wear comparison after machining 26 pieces

    ZCC·CT product  (Normal wear) Product of Company A  (Edge chipping)

    Case 2

    Blank           Finished product

    Work piece material: Q235

    Machining style: internal hole making

    Work piece diameter: 17 mm

    Cooling condition: water soluble cooling liquid

    Insert: YNT251/DCGT070204-SF

    Cutting data: Vc=250 m/min,  f=0.14 mm/r,  ap=0.3 mm

    Result: Average service life of Company A’s products is 450 pieces/edge, while that of ZCC·CT products is 530 pieces/edge, with superior dimensional precision.

    Wear comparison after machining 450 pieces